• Spring 2017 Week 1

    GAME 1: TRANSMISSION DEPOT vs. SCUGOG SPORTSWARE The first game of the 2017 Spring season brought QB Mike Bezzant (Scugog) and new QB Andrew ... More
  • Spring 2017 Week 2

    GAME 1: DAWKSPORTS vs. HAMPTON REGAL It was the 'quiet before the snow storm' as the participants of Game 1 took the field.  Although... More
  • Spring 2017 Week 3

    GAME 1: DIRECT ELEVATOR vs. BRENT'S PLUMBING Spring 2016 Champs QB Rick Pottle (Brent's) and QB Stu McNeill (Direct) found themselves... More
  • Spring 2017 Week 4

    GAME 1: HAMPTON REGAL vs. MOODY CONSTRUCTION It was only a matter of time until one of these two teams started to click, and it was Hampton w... More
  • Spring 2017 Week 5

    GAME 1: PICKERING MITSUBISHI vs. BRENT'S PLUMBING Pickering Mitsubishi came out firing right out of the gate as young gun Josh Hodge bust... More
  • Spring 2017 Week 6

    GAME 1: TRANSMISSION DEPOT vs. DAWKSPORTS On a day with a few suprises in the 9:00 game represented the first as undefeated DawkSports took o... More
  • Spring 2017 Week 7

    GAME 1:  MOODY CONSTRUCTION vs. PICKERING MITSUBISHI In the first game of the regular season finale Pickering came out fast and furious scori... More
  • Spring 2017 ALL STAR GAME

    The ETFL 2017 Spring All Star Game is this Saturday, 10AM at Falby Court in Ajax.  Even though there are no league games to be played we invite ... More

    Thank you to all the ETFL Members who came out Saturday morning to take part in the first annual ETFL Spring All Star Game and Skills Competitio... More
  • Spring 2017 Round-Robin Week 1

    GAME 1: TRANSMISSION DEPOT vs. BRENT'S PLUMBING In the first game to kick off the Spring 2017 Playoffs Transmission began with a 3 & out,... More
  • Spring 2017 Round-Robin Week 2

    GAME 1: SCUGOG SPROTSWARE vs. DIRECT ELEVATOR Scugog had Direct on the ropes to start this game, coming out strong and scoring within the fir... More
  • Spring 2017 Round-Robin Week 3

    GAME 1: MOODY CONSTRUCTION vs. BRENT'S PLUMBING Brent's Plumbing began this game with their sites set on a 'A' Championship m... More