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Yes, it is once again that time in the Eastern Touch Football League.... PLAYOFF TIME!!  A time when all the boys step aside and the men take the field.  A time when the true ballers step-up while the pretenders step-out...  a time, well...  a time for some more GREAT FOOTBALL in the EAST!!  This seasons Playoffs should be quite a treat as the level of competition continues to rise.  Three excellent teams battled it out for the top spot all while others, who may have underperformed, await their chance to shine in a Round 1 Playoff matchup.  None of these teams, however, should be underestimated; or it might cost you a chance at an ETFL Championship!  We are ready for the ultimate tournament of ETFL supremacy, but first, we shall reflect of the season past in our Regular Season Summary...


Let’s face it; these guys have been dominant since Week 2, with one little outlier in there thanks to a resilient MOODY squad.  After Week 1, QB Brandon Pottle really found his stride, and with weapons like Drew Pottle (75 Pts), Joshua Hodge (30 pts) and Ryan Charlton (24 pts) it’s no wonder he found success (oh yeah, did we mention Aaron Racciopa?).  Finishing as the top Quarterback with 26 touchdowns and only 4 INT’s on the season, Brandon has surpassed all expectations, and with an excellent blend of experience and young athleticism, Scugog is poised for a deep run in the Spring 2018 Playoffs.  Congrats on a great season!


Got to hand it to the only team during the season who could not only withstand Scugog Sportsware, but handle them fairly easily.  Granted, this was Week 1, but that only goes to show you the preparation and commitment to winning from QB Mike Rafuse.  These guys have shown up to play every game since, dropping decisions only to (4) DawkSports and (8) Moody Construction (there they are again…).  Have no doubt; Raf will have this team ready to play whoever they matchup against, knowing that 3 wins are what it takes for another shot at a title in what could potentially be his (league leading) 3rd A Final appearance as a QB.


Pound for pound this is likely the most talented team in the league.  They have it all; veteran leadership, elite skill, youthful energy, and were the chosen favourite to win the league with after 4 games with an astonishing 110 points accumulated.  Led by QB Rob Pacas, who dismantled his competition in the Spring 2017 Playoffs and went on to win the title, this team is as dangerous as they come and is a threat to win no matter the matchup.  After having the No. 1 Seed snatched from them in Week 7, Transmission will be coming hard in Round 1.


Speed and skill.  QB Jelani Adams drafted a hell of a team and put the first overall pick in Andrew Brimpong to good use this season.  Though their record leaves something to be desired, these guys will command respect in Round 1; because in football, you always must respect speed.  Top to bottom this team is built to compete with some of the fastest players in the league (including the QB himself!).  Those who underestimate may find themselves down early in a game, because DawkSports will have no problem getting behind the defense, and when they do they will score.


The steady veteran and the solid play of the boys from Direct Elevator create a lethal combination at any point in the season, but if there’s a QB who steps up in the playoffs, it’s non-other than Robert ‘Buzz’ Bezzant.  Perhaps they didn’t light up the stats sheets, but no tougher games were played by any other team but Direct.  Battling until the end of every quarter, these guys don’t know the meaning of the word quit.  As a reflection of the attitude of their QB and leader, this team has grit and determination in spades, which will be vital to their success through this playoff run.


Maybe a little momentum is all you need.  Coming off a much-needed win in Week 7, Hampton Regal brings the energy level way up in the ETFL, which translates into a kind of toughness which can only be defined by character and a deep desire to succeed.  Many heartbreaking losses have forced this team to adapt and persevere, knowing that when the time comes, the effort and determination will be there to help them push through.  This team is the dark-horse who could make a surprising impact on their way to Playoff glory, and at any rate will be the hungriest and loudest come Round 1!


As the new face in town QB Robbie Wagner quickly established himself as a QB to be respected league wide.  Despite having very little knowledge of the league or it’s players coming in to the 2018 Spring Draft, Wagner has impressed many with his skill and experience as a QB and play caller.  After a difficult start, two decisive wins over tough opponents in Weeks 3 & 4 have people wondering if we’ve seen the full potential of this COPS squad, which has size and talent to spare.  If Nick Clarkin can continue to build on an already incredible season, this squad has the potential to do some considerable damage.


Don’t let the 8 fool you.  QB Mike Bezzant rose from the ashes of a nearly winless season to a FALL 2017 A Final appearance, and the indications are present that this could very well be the case this season as well.  A Week 3 win over Brent’s Plumbing and a Week 5 tie vs. a dominant Scugog Sportsware squad (top 2 teams in the league) should be enough to tell you that these guys shouldn’t be taken lightly, no matter what the standings say.  Sorry guys, but I’m not buying the last place = weakest team argument in this case…  Great defense + all around team dynamic + Mike Bezzant + Neil Moody’s titanium forehead = Playoff success for Moody Construction in Spring 2018.


Congratulations to everyone who participated this session!  Thanks to the Referees for calling great games, and a Special Thanks to Don Schram for all his hard work.

Please be reminded that there are NO GAMES this Saturday.  Best of luck to all ETFL Members who are participating in the TFONT ‘Early Bird’ in Belleville.