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Week 6


It only took six-weeks but we finally had our first week of spring weather, and what a week it was. We saw weather nice enough for shorts. We had three-different teams scores 30 or more points. And we witnessed a tightly contested battle between two-teams looking to prove themselves as Championship contenders.


Here is your Week 6 Recap.




Game1: Transmission Depot vs. Cops


Transmission Depot kicked off Week 6 with a display of dominance. With Scugog Sportsware and Brent’s Plumbing nipping at their toes, Transmission picked up a much needed win to hold on to their spot as the league leader in wins. Rob Pacas threw four-touchdowns to Braeden Pacas (2) and Alex Leonidakis (2), while the defence smothered the Cops squad with three-interceptions, and a sack. 


Final Score: Transmission Depot - 32 | Cops- 14


Game Leaders: 


Transmission Depot - Braeden Pacas (2-TD, 1-2XP), Marko Glavic (2-2XP), Loxley Prince (2-INT), Alex Leonidakis (2-TD, 1-2XP), Jaques Baptiste (1-INT, 1-SAC)


Cops - Adam King (1-2XP), Nick Clarkin (1-TD), Jamal Brown (1-TD)




Game 2: Brent’s Plumbing vs. Hampton Regal


How do you follow up a dominating performance in Week 5? Apparently Brent’s Plumbing does so with another dominating performance in Week 6. Veteran quarterback Mike Rafuse was a surgeon on the field, picking the Hampton Regal defence apart with five-touchdowns passing on the day. Jamie Whitter also had himself a dominating performance with two-touchdowns receiving, four-one extra points, and an interception on defence. 


Final Score: Brent’s Plumbing - 36 | Hampton Regal - 6


Game Leaders:


Brent’s Plumbing - Frank Kadratis (1-TD), Matt Rafuse (1-TD, 1-2XP), Jamie Whitter (2-TD, 4-1XP, 1-INT), Jordan Thompson (1-TD, 2-INT)


Hampton Regal - Andrew Heaney (1-TD), Eric Perez-Salas (1-INT)




Game 3: Direct Elevator vs. Scugog Sportsware


Coming off of a tie in Week 5, Scugog Sportsware came out this week with something to prove. Brandon Pottle dominated the game on both sides of the ball, throwing four-touchdowns, while picking off veteran quarterback Buzz Bezzant twice, including a pick-six. Drew Pottle was also a major factor in this game, as he snagged himself a pair of touchdowns, while kicking three-one extra points.


Final Score: Scugog Sportsware - 33 | Direct Elevator - 8


Game Leaders:


Scugog Sportsware - Brandon Pottle (2-INT, 1-TD), Drew Pottle (2-TD, 3-1XP), Josh Hodge (1-TD, 1-INT), Pete Joncas (1-INT), Evan Woodcock (1-TD, 1-SAC)


Direct Elevator - Mike Sperling (1-2XP), Scott Elkignton (1-TD)




Game 4: Dawksports vs. Moody Construction


Our final game of the day was a good one. Despite what the score says, there was plenty of offence throughout this game; as both teams drove the field on almost every play, but neither team was giving up points once their opponents were in the red-zone. The difference maker in this game was David Delgado, who not only kicked an extra-point, but also caught a two-point conversion.  


Final Score: Dawksports - 15 | Moody Construction - 12


Game Leaders: 


Dawksports - Ryan Forde (1-TD), Andrew Brimpong (1-TD), Don Schram (1-SAC), Paul Leckey (1-INT), David Delgado (1-1XP, 1-2XP)


Moody Construction - Victor Alisauskas (1-TD), Jason Carter (1-INT), Toi Simon (1-TD)