Spring 2017 Round-Robin Week 2

UpdatedFriday June 30, 2017 byAdministrator ETFL.


Scugog had Direct on the ropes to start this game, coming out strong and scoring within the first 5 minutes of the game.  QB Mikey Bezzant aired out a beautiful arcing ball to Aaron Karamath on a hook-and-go route, setting the bar high to open Round 2 of the ETFL Spring 2017 Playoffs!  True to form for the season, Direct stumbled around a bit in the first half but elevated their game in the 3rd quarter.  Josh Devine was a predator on the defensive side of the ball tracking down 2 interceptions, both which he would return for 6.  The second pick 6 was like a dagger through Scugogs heart as they were trying to regain momentum, aloowing Direct to slowly but surely take control of the game.  Midway through the 4th Direct led 27-7, and that's the way it would stay as Direct improves to 2-0 in the Round Robin.  [FINAL SCORE: SGS-7, DE-27].  GAME MVP- Josh (OG) Devine.



Transmission wins by default (1-0) due to Moody only having 4 players to start the game.  Unfortunate for those who showed up to play some football on a gorgeous Spring Day.  Thanks to those players who stuck around to play the improvised game. 



Pickering came out on a mission for Week 2 of the Round Robin.  With their offense running efficiently they can be one of the toughest teams to stop, which Hampton learned quickly in this Game.  With four different players having the ability to throw, QB Rob Pacas orchestrated a fine offensive perfromance using multiple half-back options to keep Hampton on their toes.  Hampton, who were missing a few key peices in their roster, moved the ball well throughout the game, but had a difficult time matching the furious scoring pace of Pickering.  Matt Rafuse and Travis Thomas were once again very effective and versatile, while Braeden Pacas did some damage as a recieiver with a few clutch catches.  Once Pickering began scoring they never stopped to look back, continually leading throughout the game, finishing with 40 points and a 2-0 Playoff Record.  This sets up an epic matchup in Round 3 between Direct and Pickering in what could be the game of the year!  [FINAL SCORE: HR-18, PM-40]. GAME MVP - Braeden Pacas.



Speaking of EPIC matchups, this very much anticipated game was everything you could ask for in true Playoff Competition as both teams showed up expecting to win.  DawkSports had a full squad (minus Josh.0 Devine being at half capacity with broken fingers on his right hand) and were primed and ready to start the game.  Brent's were cool and collected and went to work early as Brandon Pottle took his play to another level, hauling in nearly 75% of the receptions and giving Brent's an offensive edge throughout the game. DawkSports shot themselves in the foot with a few drops at critical moments, causing turnovers and allowing Brent's to stay in control of them game.  With only 4 plays remaining DawkSports had a chance to drive and score for the win, but their hopes were quickly squashed when Kyle Macleans defensive play caused a game ending interception, and a No. 4 seed upsetting the No. 1.  Next week DawkSports will compete against Transmission for a chance to head to the 'B' Final while Brent's can essentially cruise to the 'A', awaiting their opponent from the West Pool.  [FINAL SCORE: BP-20, DS-13].  GAME MVP - Brandon Pottle.