ETFL Rules of Play

Innovation, Respect & Fairness

Updated Monday August 28, 2017 by ETFL Executive.

The Eastern Touch Football League was established out of a need and desire to play in a fun, fair and competitive football league.  Through more than 60 years of combined football experience, we believe that we have developed the perfect style of play that appeals to football players of all ages and skill levels, no matter what your background.



One hand Touch6 Offense vs. 7 Defense. 3 downs for 20 yards, 3 "Steam-Boat" rush.  90 minute games played over four quarter with 10 minute halftime break.   Games are played on Saturdays (9:00AM, 10:30AM, 12:00PM, 1:30PM).  Spring Session runs March - June, Fall Session from Sept - Dec.


 The ETFL is proud to be the first recreational draft league to provide it's members with this exciting new style of play which combines the fast paced "rush" game with the more strategic "Steam-Boat" type of play.  This unique new hybrid style allows for more offensive creativity while maintaining a level of balance and fairness across the playing field.  Innovation, respect, and fairness is the foundation upon which the ETFL is built, and we believe that this style of play embodies each of those qualities.  For more information on our rules of play feel free to appoach any ETFL Reps or your friendly neighbourhood ETFL Referee Staff.

Thanks, and enjoy!


ETFL Executive

**NOTE: All referees in the ETFL follow the rule-book of TFONT except in certain circumstances unique to the Eastern Touch Football League.